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Some of the Acting Related Projects I'm Doing/have Done

Quick Bit on New Amy Sedaris Show

Amy Sedaris is back! A short time ago I had a chance to work for (in a Very tiny bit) Comedy Royalty and Geniuses: Paul Dinello on the Amy Sedaris show coming this fall “At Home With Amy Sedaris” – Check out the show’s Instagram – Share... read more

“Kidnapped…” Now Streaming Online!

Kidnapped: The True Story of how I made America Great Again is online in it’s entirety now. Broken up into 3 parts for your viewing pleasure! Had such a great time working on this with this amazing talented cast and fun crew! (I’m featured predominately in... read more

I’d Kill for You – Episodic

Just received a DVD copy of I’d Kill For You , episode 303 “Killing Me Softly” I worked on this production last Fall and it aired sometime in February. It was a great experience and Was happy (and surprised) to receive a dvd of it! I hope more of... read more

New Website in the works

Hi All , so I’m working on updating my Actor website, so it’s under going changes as you read this most likely. I’m importing all my old news but that’s not a priority. This web site was made via DFXden . A small web design team in NYC that... read more

Mysteries at the Musem

Been Real Fortunate to get to do a few Mysteries at the Museum. It’s true you don’t get recorded dialogue to work with , however you do get to improv a bit, where fun costumes and work with some amazing people to get stories told! As a Dr circa early... read more

‘Poor People’ at NYCFringe15

Poor People at FRINGENYC 2015   Very pleased to be working on a unique production at the Fringe Festival in New York this year. Poor People a loose adaptation of Poor Folk by Dostoyevsky. Written by Lavinia Roberts and Directed by Irene Kapustina . This beautiful... read more

Saturninus in Titus Andronicus

Saturninus in Titus Andronicus Pretty cool to explore one of my favorite Shakespeare plays with the folks at Frog and Peach. Brutal, Bloody dark and forboding -there is always something time less about this play. From the site: “Frog & Peach Theatre Company... read more

King John as King John

Very excited to have the opportunity to portray King John this month! We have a large and talented cast involved in this production. And Im so happy to have a chance to explore this character, in this rarely produced play. The language is very exciting, per usual via... read more